Mobile stats further prove need for hotels to build totally mobile strategy

Below is a synopsis of a press release relating to a survey conducted by TripAdvisor on 5,013 respondents across Europe, including 1,313 British respondents, from 23 to 31 May 2011.  Other countries surveyed were France, Italy and Spain.

The survey clearly shows how usage of mobile is impacting travel plans both pre-trip and within the trip; further reinforcing our recent comments regarding the need for an all-embracing mobile strategy that captures the guest in the pre-trip planning phase, during the journey and at the hotel. All of which require different communication skills, revenue management capabilities and technologies incorporating potentially QR codes, GPS, integrated booking engines, contactless near field technologies and SMS marketing.  For the full press release see

A survey of over 1,200 British TripAdvisor users reveals that that a significant 22% of respondents have incorporated a mobile device into their travel planning process.
Travel on the go”
Of those using their mobile devices to plan holidays, researching and booking accommodation is the most common activity. Of those who plan travel on their mobile device:
– 29% have booked or researched accommodation
– 27% have researched destinations
– 26% have read traveller reviews
– 23% have researched restaurants
– 18% have booked or researched flights
Nearly half of British respondents – 45% – have used their mobile devices to plan and research their trip once they’ve arrived at their destination. For those respondents who use their mobile device while travelling, restaurant research takes priority:
– 29% researched restaurants
– 28% checked their flight status
– 21% researched attractions
– 18% researched accommodation
– 16% researched tours
British travellers playing mobile catch up
Although a large proportion of British respondents are already planning holidays on their mobile devices, it seems our European neighbours have adapted faster:
– 22% of Brits have planned a trip on their mobile device compared to 27% of Europeans
– 20% of Brits have booked accommodation using a mobile device, compared to 28% of European respondents, and 32% of French respondents
– 45% of Brits have used a mobile device to research their trip while in-destination, compared to 53% of European respondents
 More mobile findings
– 39% of British respondents have a travel app installed on their mobile device
– 14% of British respondents have reviewed a hotel, restaurant or attraction using their mobile device while on a trip
– 15% of British respondents have “checked in” to a place using their mobile device while on a trip

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