Social Media Travel Workshop March 23rd 2012, London

Are you still confused about how to be successful in social media and finding it hard to attract fans and followers? 

If so then join us for our brand new full day Social Media workshop, specially designed to meet the needs of companies like yours in the hospitality and travel industry.

Date: March 23rd 2012   Location: Central London

Cost: £195 pre March 5th, £250 post March 5th (ex VAT)

Come and join the Social Media Hotel and Travel Workshop 2012 and learn how to create a “Socially driven business”.

Social Media travel specialist Face Marketing in partnership with revenue management experts Revenue by Design bring this one day Social Media Workshop in response to demand for learning on social media, tailored to those working in the hospitality and travel industry. It will feature practitioner and social media expert Kathryn Bullock from Face Marketing in the UK who will share her learning, developed over twenty years of working with travel clients and Ally Dombey who has as many years of working with hotels on their revenue management and marketing needs.

This is a highly practical course designed to give delegates hands on experience of working with social media and putting toether a plan of action that can be implemented immediately.

Programme Content

What is social media? – Defining Social Media and why its important

How are leisure and business travellers changing how they book travel?

How to put your social media monitoring and research plan together.

What to look for and how to set up your listening programme.

Practical Session profiling your competitors & checking your reviews

This practical exercise will help you to better understand your market and USPs 
in social media.

How to develop your content plan

This session will show you how to plan your content for your social media channels and provide a framework you can take away to use with key tips on types of content that can work best on each type of social channel.

How to set objectives and educate your team

This session looks at setting meaningful and measurable objectives for your social media campaign

What are the pitfalls and how to avoid them?

There are pitfalls – if you don’t follow the rules, your Facebook page could be pulled –

How to set up your social media communities and policies
making sure the whole team know what to do and how to respond to community activity

How to manage your customer reviews 

Best practice on tone of voice and the key process changes needed in-house.

Practical Session – Tackling your customer pain points

This practical exercise will assist in focusing on your customer core needs and assessing how social media can help to address any unmet customer needs

Feedback and Summary session How social media fits with your other marketing channels

To book please complete the form below; an invoice to secure your place will follow.

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