Olympic hotel rates – are guests being served?

We thought it would be interesting to look out for some Olympic rates to see what level of hospitality consumers can really expect during the Olympic season. Ever since it was announced that London would be hosting the 2012 Olympics accommodation providers – including hotels and private rentals have been weighing up the profit potential of the games. In July 2011, Miles Brignall of The Guardian found private rentals of over £1500 per week.. Almost 8 months later and many  properties are still available for rent…

In November 2011,  Jonathan Raggett, Managing Director of Red Carnation Hotels,  speaking to BigHospitality warned  “Anyone who thinks that London hotels will be full during the Olympics are kidding themselves”  http://www.bighospitality.co.uk/Business/Olympics-doesn-t-mean-full-rooms-warns-hotelier.

So how are hotels coping with their pricing strategy? We’ll be taking a look at some of the Olympic event areas over the coming weeks to see how rates are looking and whether incoming guests can expect to see a fair deal.  Our first trip out was over to West London, start and finish for the cycling and a feeder market for events at Wimbledon and Earls Court.

Some hotels have taken a moderate approach – such as this one:

And here is the rate when its not the Olympics:

And here’s one that’s not quite such fair play:

Hounslow Bed and Breakfast
Olympic rate of the week 24 Feb 2012

And here’s the rate when its not the Olympics…..

Staying in Hounslow when its not the Olympics?

Next time, we’ll be moving across to  Greenwich to see whether Equestrian spectators will be well served by accommodation providers. In the meantime, let us know if you find examples where you think guests are not being served….

2 thoughts on “Olympic hotel rates – are guests being served?

    1. Yep – that’s not the best in merchandising; reductions from £400 to £68 serve to reduce credibility in the eyes of the purchaser. If the average nightly rate is £68 and offers good value then it would be great to see that communicated in a better way…

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