L2 Digital Think Tank shows positive correlation between digital excellence and RevPAR for hotels

The L2 Think Tank Digital Report places Four Seasons & Hilton at the top, Raffles and Rosewood bring up the rear out of 52 brands studied. Its worth taking a cup of coffee’s worth of time out to take a look over the new study from L2 Think Tank driven by Scott Galloway, Clinical Professor of Marketing, NYU Stern, which gives a raw review and ranking of 52 hotel brands and their digital integration across multiple platforms. 

The report also reviews the relationship between the digital score from the report for each hotel, to the percentage growth in stock price and RevPAR over the year; whilst they didn’t get the data from all hotels in the report, it does make for some interesting comparisons. Those hotels that do well in the report show a greater resistance to falls in share price, those with lower digital scores tend to see low growth or negative growth for shareholders. The report also shows a positive relationship between RevPAR and digital score – a useful stat to place in front of any dissenting finance director, and one that shows where digital is driving the industry. Makes for interesting reading, and a wake up call for those near the bottom. You can get the report here Image

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