Specialist one day workshops for Revenue Managers on Demand Forecasting without using an automated system April 30th London

We are running a one day workshop focusing on getting to grips with Demand Forecasting on April 30th in London 09.30 – 17.30. The workshop will cover:

  • The principles of forecasting
  • What information forecasting will provide to your hotel
  • How to collect the information and data needed
  • How to construct a forecast in Excel for your hotel and use this to create a solid manual forecast
  • How to interpret a forecast, and managing accuracy and inaccuracy in forecasting
  • How to communicate the results of a forecast to the team
Demand Forecasting for Hotels to improve Revenue Management processes - without an automated system
Demand Forecasting at your hotel to improve your Revenue Management processes – without an automated system

This will be held in association with Infor EasyRMS and due to the joint partnership in delivery we are able to offer this workshop at a very favourable rate of £130 ex VAT. Click here for full details of the course

For more information please visit the Revenue by Design web site http://www.revenuebydesign.co.uk, or follow the link below. If you’d like to join the workshop please email  rbd@revenuebydesign.co.uk for a booking form and joining instructions. To keep up with all Revenue by Design workshops you can do this by Liking us on Facebook or subscribe to the blog here.

Demand Forecasting Workshop with EasyRMS
Workshop in association with Infor EasyRMs on Demand Forecasting using manual techniques

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