Integrating Social Media into a Revenue Management strategy – Workshop June 14th London

We’re running another session of the popular one day workshop Integrating Social media into a revenue strategy on June 14th in London. This course seems to get re-written every time we run in, this area is changing so quickly, and this time its exciting to be in a position to discuss use of some real mobile trends both on-property and as a booking platform, plus some exciting new developments into community building with the guest during their stay.

Mobile booking technology is pushing the hotel industry into new realms and its good to see adoption of new strategies and innovative products.

The use of Tablets by front of house in lieu of the front desk allowing for staff to meet and greet without boundaries – or “Management on the Move” is becoming increasingly popular as the cost of technology becomes more affordable and as PMS companies such as Micros and Protel provide partitioned PMS functionality to support guest check in check out on the devices.

It’s good to see hotels recognising the hugely powerful psychology used throughout the booking process on sites such as, and beginning to adopt this same process of reward and recognition in the development of their own booking pages. The Arch London provides a good example of this through creating the same sense of urgency and interaction.

The Arch London booking pages using psychology to encourage more hotel bookings
The Arch London creates reassurance through highlighting its Best Rate guarantee and additonally making users feel it’s ok to book. Why not? Someone else did it 5 minutes ago…  is another exciting innovation enabling hotels to create a private  social network for guests during their stay – allowing for example, guests in groups to stay in touch and for those that want to, to network amongst each other.  Great potential for leveraging additional non rooms revenue and increased guest engagement.

These techniques are all covered in the workshop specially created for revenue, sales and marketing managers wanting to understand how developments in social, local and mobile – SoLoMo –  will impact the relationship between the three functions at the hotel.

 Workshop Content Overview

Defining social media  – The key platforms driven by video, blogging and mobile, and new trends relevant to hotels

How do we plan for Social Media? How to put a social media monitoring and research plan together and the technology available to manage a programme

Practical session – Its not just about rate promotions – creating and curating more visual content – Six steps to create a content machine that engages customers – how to plan a content framework and detailed day to day activities to manage social media channels plus how content can be re-configured per channel

Do customer reviews really offer an opportunity to drive rate? Case studies on rate strategies linked to reviews

Driving revenues on property – using community and mobile to  leverage guest spending  – Integrating guest spending into the revenue strategy and assessing the impact of guest spend on rate strategies

Putting a plan together

Creating a framework for managing a revenue strategy within a social media programme – setting objectives and measuring success

Policies and processes – Guidance on developing social media policies and budgeting for social media

Revenue Management impact – A review of the impact on day-to-day management of a revenue strategy, stimulating debate and discussion around:

  • How do we manage our approach to community sites, and how does brand reputation impact our revenue strategies?
  • How do new consumer search tools impact hotel displays and what do we need to consider when optimising our on-line distribution strategy and relations with third party sites?

You  can sign up for the workshop by emailing me or connecting through Facebook or Twitter

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