General Managers – how to drive a winning revenue management strategy

As a General Manager your role is at the forefront of the revenue management strategy. This means being the architect of the revenue management culture, driving the revenue team, and ensuring that all departments are aware of the hotel revenue targets.

Much of the day-to-day focus of a revenue manager will be on inventory management so the GM’s role needs to keep longer term goals in context and ensure daily activities build on reaching those goals. This means tasking the revenue team to build reports which give rigorous business visibility, and feeding report results back to create accurate financial and sales forecasts.

In our one day workshop you will learn

  • What questions to ask of a revenue manager to build the optimal revenue strategy
  • How to set revenue tasks to reach and exceed operational goals
  • How to interpret revenue reports and put the results into practice
  • The critical daily weekly and monthly tasks that must be done to keep your hotel’s revenue strategy on point.

Also – uncover the hidden costs of distribution, and why some revenue strategies drive revenue managers to choose the most expensive distribution channels.

Our next GMs workshop is July 15th, in London, for more information see the website, and to book 

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