Bridging the gap between revenue management and marketing

Demand Forecasting for Hotels to improve Revenue Management processes - without an automated system

Bridging the gap between revenue management and marketing

Do you struggle with synching up your business when it comes to matching rate code to guest?

Still responding to the wealth of customer data available in your digital world with a Dinner Bed and Breakfast package?

Still using year over year occupancy statistics to anticipate customer behaviour?

A key challenge for the hotel commercial department in 2017 is changing the mindset away from room-centricity to guest-centricity: instead of selling 200 rooms, the revenue management and marketing function is selling to 200,000 potential customers – their database, all their website visitors, social media engagement, review sites and more.

Treating traffic sources in different ways, and delivering a dynamically targeted message based on the origin of that visitor (whether from a search engine, review site or PPC ad) has been shown to greatly enhance conversion rates and Average Order Value. The potential here is enormous.

Voyat is one company having great success in doing just this. Voyat is a smart personalization layer that uses data science and machine learning to identify, segment and target users, and feeds this information back to a web site to increase web conversions.

Collaboration is key

Benjamin Habbel, Founding CEO of Voyat, and Keynote Speaker at the ‘Seize Opportunity in Disruption’ Conference, has uncovered huge value in looking at revenue data that breaks with the tradition of using simple rate codes as the primary consumer response mechanism. Voyat looks at metrics more commonly associated with the E commerce function such as revenue per user, average order volumes conversion rate.  This opens up a whole new world of data with new targeting and forecasting tools, and delivers highly personalized experiences.

Is the world of revenue management ready for this? Join in the debate. Join the conference.

This is one new business option that shouldn’t be overlooked to stay ahead of the game.

Find out how

Hear Benjamin share his thoughts on ‘Guest-Centricity: how to create effective collaboration between revenue management and marketing’ at ‘Seize Opportunity in Disruption’ on Tuesday 21st February 2017, an inspirational one day conference designed to challenge how you think about your business and what action you need to take to thrive in 2017.

Click here for more information and to book

For any questions, contact Michelle Casey on or on 07718 650349.



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