Three ways a solid mobile strategy can improve guest satisfaction and boost TRevPAR


Do you know how you can use mobile technology to create deeper, more meaningful connections with your guests?

Are you aware of true value of an engaged guest?

And how they can positively impact not only your profitability but also your guest satisfaction levels?

The importance of a mobile optimised site in a book direct strategy is well documented. However, one area of mobile technology that is still relatively unexplored in the UK, is the power of mobile messaging post-booking to positively impact the guest experience and as a result, your bottom line. With travellers rating their smartphones to be single most indispensable item they carry with them when they travel, a robust mobile strategy that promotes connection and engagement with your guest results in increased spend and an overall enhanced customer experience and needs to be a key element of your 2017 planning.

Promotes upsell capabilities

Mobile messaging provides the opportunity to facilitate a new level of guest engagement. The days of a guest checking in to a hotel, and remaining relatively anonymous until check out, are gone. Hoteliers should be looking to be looking to utilise these advances in technology to foster a deeper, more relevant relationship with their guest.

James Geneau, Marketing Director of Benbria, leaders in the provision of mobile and messaging technology that enhances customer engagement for hotels, tells us, ‘The power of messaging is enormous. It allows more meaningful guest engagement – and an engaged guest is a returning guest.’

‘When a guest is engaged, there is the opportunity to anticipate their needs and upsell relevant amenities and services. This is something the US market has embraced over the last three years to great effect, with hotels recognising the potential a mobile messaging strategy offers. However, this is still relatively unexplored in the UK and Europe- 2017 is the year the UK hotels need to play catch up if they are to meet the requirements of their guests.’

Manage hotel reputation

Another area where mobile messaging can add value to your hotels operations is in the management of guest complaints. Issues with guest service happen – but the ability to turn a disgruntled guest into an advocate of your hotel often lies within effective resolution.  Mobile technology provides the ability for guests to raise concerns about their stay immediately allowing the hotels to acknowledge the issue and seek to rectify there and then- an enormously powerful customer service tool that contributes to increasing overall levels of guest satisfaction.

Improved service levels

While the key measure of a hotels service levels has traditionally been the hotels’ friendliness, and staff attitude, guests are now citing ‘convenience’ and ‘speed’ as just as important to their overall experience.  95% of leading hoteliers believe that enabling guest to connect through technology is a priority in 2017.  Mobile messaging allows hotels to streamline the whole process of guest requests. Guests can make requests through the touch of a button enabling the hotel to respond to guest’s requests in real time with improved efficiency.

‘The streamlining and automation that mobile messaging brings in servicing guests requests results in more cost-effective fulfilment and reduced labour costs,’ says James of Benbria. ‘This technology not only results in a happier guest, but reduces demands on your staff.’

Do you feel confident about the power of your mobile strategy ? Do you feel ready to meet the demands of the mobile connected guest ?

Don’t be left behind

Hear more about how mobile technology can positively impact guest satisfaction levels and TRevPAR at ‘Seize Opportunity in Disruption’ on Tuesday 21st February 2017. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn how you can leverage innovation in the marketplace to optimise performance in 2017.

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For any questions, contact Michelle Casey on or on 07718 650349.


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