The disruptor challenging the grip of the OTA’s

Entering hotel room

Amid all this talk of disruption, there is one player in the market who is challenging the strength of the OTA’s. offers hotels the opportunity to gain lower commissions reservations by connecting the guest directly with the hotel. contact the hotel on the guests’ behalf with details of their stay and ask for the best available offer – committing to saving at least 5% compared to any other hotel booking site. As it is a fee based system, hotels avoid having to pay commissions traditionally associated with OTA’s.

‘We have had a really positive reaction from hotels’, says Michael Ros, Co Founder of Bidroom. ‘Due to the small, fixed fee, we have 150 hotels per day signing up. They are all reacting to OTA’s commissions.  It’s beneficial for the guests to book via Bidroom, because the hotels and apartments are obligated to set a discount of minimum 5% off their room rates advertised at other booking sites. ‘ With over 250, 000 registered users on their database, Bidroom are just one of the disruptors’ looking to revolutionise travel.

With the Bidroom team committed to additional functionality  that will further enhance the customer experience, they are committed to a new way of thinking for making hotel reservations.

To hear more about how Bidroom are looking to challenge the OTA’s, as well as hearing the thoughts of industry leaders as to what disruption means for the hotelier, register for ‘Seize Opportunity in Disruption, 21st February, London – a one day conference for general managers, revenue managers and sales professionals designed to add clarity to the increasing complexity in the world of revenue management, digital and distribution- and help you understand how these advances can positively impact your business.

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For any questions, contact Michelle Casey on or on 07718 650349.

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