Personalisation, good news from Expedia, and a fresh perspective on Airbnb

A round up of some of the key news impacting revenue, distribution and digital hotel professionals this week.

Data Mining is the key to personalisation for hotels

Picture of man writing data source for demand forecasting on transparent board

Data mining within the hotel industry is hampered by  property management systems (PMS) that don’t connect with the legacy central reservation systems (CRS).“The industry must move to the cloud so everyone can connect and unlock data,” says Marco Benvenuti, co-founder of Duetto.

Read more at Hotels here


Mobile musts for Independent Hotels

As mobile technology continues to influence the way consumers plan, book and experience travel, independent hoteliers need to consider how their hotels are marketed and how mobile technology can influence their guest’s stay.



Expedia’s CEO expects commissions to come down

social network touchscreen  - Stock Image

Good news for hoteliers – hotel partners predicted to benefit from lower commissions as Expedia’s growth results in lower fixed costs, according to Dara Khosrowshahi, Expedia CEO.

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Why hoteliers should be working with, not against, Airbnbseller transfers key to the house in hands of buyer

Recent thinking is suggesting that the hotel industry’s leading disruptor, Airbnb, should not be seen as a direct competitor to hotels, but can be used to complement distribution strategies.

Read more at Eye for Travel


Which Revenue Management Solution is right for your hotel ? 

While investment in a Revenue Management Solution can drive efficiencies, and contribute to increased profitability, it can be a costly investment if it doesn’t fit your needs. What questions should you be asking to make sure you choose the solution that is right for your hotel ?

Questions you should be asking here



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