PPC, revenue management systems and the rising importance of paid social media advertising

A round up of some of the key revenue management, distribution and digital news that have been making headlines.

Independent hotels are focusing more and more on cloud based systems

Entering hotel room

96% of hotel software buyers are now looking for a cloud-based system because it means lower investment costs and more flexibility, especially for independent hotels.

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Social media trends for success in 2017man-coffee-cup-pen

Video, messaging apps and the increasing importance of paid social advertising- social media trends hotels can’t afford to ignore.

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The questions you should be asking when selecting your revenue management solution

Four Individuals at a meeting

Asking the right questions will ensure your investment in a revenue management solution is the the right one for your hotel, and not a costly mistake.

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5 key practices to boost your PPC effectiveness

Digital marketing analytics

Boost your online conversion with these 5 strategies the independent hotelier needs to be embracing for PPC success.

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