Small changes hotels can make to boost marketing and drive profits

Recent industry conferences in Hong Kong and Berlin, have provided interesting debates as senior colleagues discuss many of the issues pertinent to hotels today. Read more below.

Eight trends hoteliers need to embraceYoung businessman with electronic devices in hotel

The WIT Hospitality Conference in Hong Kong last week saw much discussion around the key issues facing hoteliers today. The usual suspects all came up – mobile, technology, cost of distribution, data and OTA’s.

Read about the hot topics that were discussed


Small changes hotels can make to drive increased profits

social network touchscreen  - Stock Image

Increased labour costs and OTA’s commissions are resulting in reduced profitability for hotels. This was one of the topics for discussion at the International Hotel Investment Forum (IHIF) in Berlin, the conclusion being, doing nothing is not an option.  It’s time for hotels to take action. Read here changes hotels can make to drive profits in these challenging times.

What changes should you be looking at ?


Top tips for marketing the small, independent hotelHotel Lobby


While lacking the marketing budgets of chain hotels, there are still many effective quick wins the smaller hotel can adopt to ensure they don’t lose out. Use this easy to use check list as a guide to ensure that you are optimising all your marketing channels.

Quick wins for the small hotel


Preliminary London performance data for MarchLONDON2


A late Easter this year has contributed to strong March growth YOY in the capital, with all key metrics showing increases.

Click for the March overview



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