Optimising your online presence, the future of disruption and why independent hotels should relish their autonomy.

With the Easter break behind us, here is a round up of some of the key news in the world of revenue management, distribution and digital marketing this week.

Unlock the power of the independent hotel

Golden key and puzzle

Independent hotels – don’t despair ! While you may not be privy to the substantial marketing budgets and loyalty databases of the large chains, the flexibility and autonomy of being an independent brings with it advantages chain hotels can only dream of.

Click here to uncover the advantage of being an independent hotel

Google’s thoughts on optimising your hotel presence

Digital marketing analytics

A recent interview with Google highlighted the areas that hotels need to focus on to raise their online presence. Content, personalised pricing and increased collaboration between sales and revenue management functions were all cited as areas that hotels need to pay attention to if they are to thrive in the changing landscape.

Click here for Google’s tips for hotel success

‘The key issue for hotels,  is the disruption of the non-traditional business models’

Hotel Lobby

These are the words of Thomas Dubaere, COO Hotel Services, Accor, UK and Ireland, who is leading the way in terms of how they are adapting to embrace disruption. This interview with Thomas provides an interesting insight into what is driving Accor’s strategy, and what Thomas views are the future issues facing hotels.

Read the thoughts of Thomas Dubaere here

Hotels adapt their marketing budgets with increased focus on digital and social marketing spend


The growing presence of Airbnb, Priceline and Expedia are driving hotels to adapt their budgets to compete, so says a recent study by Site Minder. The pressure is on hoteliers to maintain, and hopefully grow, awareness in the presence of these industry heavyweights.

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