The importance of TrevPAR, rise of Metasearch….and are you benefiting from the ‘Game of Thrones’ effect ?

Welcome to the weekly round up of key articles making the news this week that may give your revenue the uplift its looking for as we go into the summer months. And we kick off with some great news for UK Tourism….

Great news for Destination UK !


Barclays Tourism Report has been released for 2017 – and it makes for good reading for UK operators. The bumper year is attributed to the rise of the Staycation, the Brexit effect and……. ‘Game of Thrones’ among others.

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The importance of Metasearch in your hotels marketing strategy


In the two years since 2015, organic traffic to hotel websites has fallen from 62% to 42%. Metasearch has grown to become the most important advertising channel for hotels outpacing even AdWords …and its a trend that is showing no sign of slowing down.

The growing importance of Metasearch

How focusing on just rate could be undermining your revenue strategy


Pricing strategy is not enough on its own to optimise your hotels profitability. The lack of automated inventory controls could be your hotels number one revenue killer.

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How a TrevPAR strategy makes sense for today’s hotelier

social network touchscreen  - Stock Image

As hotels diversify their offerings, there is greater pressure on revenue management teams to maximise every revenue generating department of a hotel. Given this, the spotlight is on the importance of a TrevPAR focused strategy moving forward.

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