Is the traditional revenue manager role outdated, why hoteliers should be selling room features and a record Q1 for London !

Great news for Quarter 1 for London with record RevPAR, helped by a weak pound and late Easter. Also, in this week’s round up, the ongoing evolution of the revenue managers role, some news from TripAdvisor and how focusing on selling room features could satisfy guest demand’s for increased personalisation.

Is the traditional role of a revenue manager outdated ?

Demand Forecasting for Hotels to improve Revenue Management processes - without an automated system


As the role of a revenue manager becomes evermore complex, encompassing an understanding of digital marketing, the requirement to price by market and an increased focus on TRevPAR, to name but a few, is the traditional role of the revenue manager as we know it redundant ?

The changing role of the revenue manager

Record breaking quarter one for London !


The first quarter of 2017 saw London’s hotel industry posting its highest revenue per available room (RevPAR) for any first quarter on record, according to data from STR. Devaluation of the pound, combined with a late Easter contributed to this. Also interesting to note is that London is the development hot spot of Europe – with 13000 new rooms in the pipeline.


Read more about London’s record breaking Q1

Hotels are failing to meet demands for personalised stays – selling room features could be the answer

Entering hotel room

For all the talk of how today’s guest seeks personalisation when booking their stay, the ability to build your own unique experience when booking online does not match expectations – hotels need to up their game and be creative to drive guest satisfaction.

Why hotels have to be smarter about how they sell hotel rooms

A change in strategy for TripAdvisor

Skift reports this week that TripAdvisor management has  decided that it doesn’t want the company primarily to become a hotel- booking site, per se. Instead, it will tilt toward metasearch for now.

Read more about the strategy reversal here

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