Changing booking behaviours require new revenue strategies…and the ‘Brand’ vs ‘OTA’ debate heats up !

In our round up of this week’s hot topics, we see more on the impact of of technology on booking patterns and as a result, revenue management strategies. And the ongoing discussion, Book Direct vs OTA’s, becomes ever more interesting !

How technology is shaping a new breed of traveller


Having an understanding and a strategy for digital technology and mobile sites is key to successfully being able to reach the “new” traveller. And hotels need to find the balance between satisfying the self sufficient traveller, and providing exemplary customer service.

How technology is changing customer behaviour

How changes in booking patterns are forcing hotels to rethink their revenue strategies

Picture of man writing data source for demand forecasting on transparent board

Technological advances, a more educated booker and increases in spontaneous travel are all changing the booking patterns for hotels. The rise of the ‘lastminute’ traveller, means that hotels are having to rethink their revenue strategies and consider associated factors such as rising cancellation rates.

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Marketing automation can transform your Meetings and Events Business

Empty meeting room

Marketing automation in the hotel world has been around for some time. But latest advances, can take your meeting and events business to a new level – and its not as complex as you may think.

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The ‘OTA vs Book Direct’ debate intensifies

Tug of war

Consolidation of the OTA landscape, combined with huge investments in ‘Book Direct’ campaigns by leading hotel brands, means that the playing field in the OTA vs Book Direct debate is changing – and the discussion becomes ever more complex. And according to this article from Phocus Wright, the battle looks to get ever more interesting.

Read the latest insight into the hotly contested debate

The world of revenue management, distribution and digital marketing is changing rapidly. Staying ahead of these developments is challenging. Revenue by Design specialises in training, outsourced revenue management services and project management designed to optimise your revenue strategy. Contact Michelle on or on 07718 650 349 to discuss your individual revenue management requirements.

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