How to explain a revenue management strategy that only you know makes sense – and what the ‘Book Direct’ battle really means for European hotels.

This week, our favourite industry articles provide tips on revenue management for independent hotels, ideas to simplify the marketing of your hotel, and how to explain a revenue strategy that you know makes sense, but seems unintuitive to your wider team.  Also, what the Book Direct conflict really means for European hotels.

How Europe’s fragmented hotel market is impacting the Direct Booking War

Tug of war

A recent discussion at PhocusWright Europe highlighted that fact that while over 60% of US hotels are branded, this number falls to less than 25% in Europe’s fragmented market. This makes the nature, and outcome,  of  the Book Direct vs. OTA conflict very different in the two continents. Fragmentation in Europe means that its much harder for hotels to try and increase direct bookings.

Read more from the PhocusWright Europe discussion


The 10 Things That Matter to Hotel Marketers Right Now

Businessman thinking

Hotel marketers- don’t get bogged down in all the latest digital and technological developments that we hear about on a daily basis. Elevate yourself out of the confusion with this simple guide to the key factors to focus on to ensure effective marketing of your hotel.

What should your marketing focus be ?


The independent hotel’s guide to revenue management success


Lacking the power of the large chains when it comes to negotiating with the OTA’s or sizeable budgets to invest in technology, independent hotels have to think and work smart to optimise their revenue strategy. This overview from Net Affinity outlines the what the savvy independent hotel should be focusing on for success.

Click here to read more


How technology can optimise every stage of the guest experience

Businesspeople sitting together using digital tablet

Gone are the days where marketeers focused on just the planning and booking stages to speak to guests. Advances in marketing technology means that hotels have the opportunity to impact every one of the seven steps of the customer journey.

How technology can optimise every step of the guest experience


How to solve the puzzle of ‘unintuitive’ revenue management

Four Individuals at a meeting

When faced communicating pricing decisions that seem unintuitive to the wider audience, revenue managers often struggle with how to convey the rationale that has led them to follow their chosen strategy. Recently Kelly McGuire, Vice President, Advanced Analytics of Wyndham Destination Network, offered some advice as to the best way to communicate strategies that don’t seem to make sense at first glance.

Read Kelly McGuire’s thoughts here

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