Evolving landscapes require evolving strategies

The common theme of this week’s industry highlights is change. Change in digital technology, changes in booking behaviours, changes in the competitive landscape for hotels. But with change comes opportunity- read more below !


Digital Revolution within Hotels : The challenges and opportunities

Woman Touching Screen Electronic Tablet Hand.Project Manager Researching Process

The hospitality business, like many other industries, is being transformed by the digital revolution. How can hoteliers navigate these challenges and create opportunity within this changing landscape ?

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Latest study highlights the importance of a strong digital presence

Man is shopping online with laptop

As a study by Phocus Wright, indicates that an average of one out of every two online hotel bookers is already using metasearch as the first step in finding their hotel, there is increasing pressure on hoteliers to go online and go digital.

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A rapidly changing market is driving the need for a revenue rethink

Business People Meeting Growth Success Target Economic Concept

Online consolidation, growth of the sharing economy, new entrants, changes in booking behaviours. The booking market is changing with pace…. and the demand for an intelligent revenue strategy is greater than ever.

Uncover how the savvy hotelier should be prepared for this changing landscape


Airbnb Traffic Surges, Surpassing Older Brands -Traffic to the site is up more than 30% since last year

seller transfers key to the house in hands of buyer

Astonishingly, according to data from SimilarWeb, Airbnb,is now drawing more traffic than any other hotel brand or metasearch site. Unsurprisingly, it is millenials fuelling this growth.

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The world of revenue management, distribution and digital marketing is changing rapidly. Staying ahead of these developments is challenging. Revenue by Design specialises in training, outsourced revenue management services and project management designed to optimise your revenue strategy. Contact Michelle on michelle@revenuebydesign.co.uk or on 07718 650 349 to discuss your individual revenue management requirements.


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