Everything that lives, breathes and eats hotel distribution and connectivity. Our take on where hotel distribution is and where its going. Generally this should give you a good idea on which companies will help you get your inventory to market -including selecting the right brand, the right technology provider and the right tools and reports to keep you on target.

Our primary focus is to work with hotels to produce online marketing and distribution strategies that optimise revenues and produce measurable return on investment. Here’s how we work to market a hotel or brand online including:

• Programmes to keep OTA commissions under control
• Working with the channels
• Mobile distribution solutions
• Choosing the right brand or GDS Representation supplier
Central Reservation System service providers

Managing OTA Commissions
We build programmes to manage and control OTA commissions by creating the correct balance between direct bookings and third party channels. We focus on developing a highly effective direct-to-hotel distribution strategy, ensuring you remain in optimal control of your revenues, your guest relationship and the guest experience.

Working with the right third parties
Multi channel distribution strategies and channel management requires understanding how revenue, cost of distribution and customer buying behaviour interact together. We create new strategies for working with OTAs and reservations partners and evaluate which are best suited to delivering more business, coupled with advice on how to use market intelligence reports available to track productivity. We also advise on the best technology and reporting tools to use to manage channels, monitor competitor rates, and set pricing.

Mobile distribution Solutions
The mobile channel is fast moving and set to be a primary platform for travellers to view, research and book hotels online. We provide consultancy services on solutions available for mobile Apps, using the Apple iPhone platform or the Google Android platform plus the development of hotel mobile booking engines, mobile web sites and mobile advertising.

Central Reservation System Selection
Building on hotel representation is a natural step in taking control of your own destiny and making your own distribution decisions. Whether you’re thinking of going private label on GDS or need to create a web booking platform for your hotel, our point of difference is a thorough understanding of your commercial position, your technical needs and how your business will need to change.

We have experience in guiding many clients in reservations system technology platforms and through the private label process in the GDS ensuring a seamless, risk free transition.

One thought on “OTA and Distribution Management

  1. Where is your territory? I have a client in the home counties who needs to outsource marketing, GDS, Online marketing etc. Can you tell me more?

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