Social Media marketing is about connecting with the guest and making each of them feel like an individual. We provide clients with best practice tools that enable them to Join the Conversation, create engagement around the hotel and direct that engagement towards a positive guest experience. Social media has had a huge impact on the way that guests plan, research and discuss travel. Social media programmes require commitment and a team powered by a strong customer service ethic and willing to experiment. Our services cover training, strategy development and implementation of social media programmes.

We focus on building a platform for educating, creating and implementing social media programmes in hospitality businesses.

Social Media Audit
Services include an assessment of the current marketing strategy and position. This includes the current marketing & digital marketing practices to establish what the hotel or group is doing. We review activity that is initiated via the hotels direct (controlled) or via customers (uncontrolled) through social media sites such as Tripadvisor, Facebook Twitter, blogs, etc.

Social Media strategy development
We work with clients to fully define their commitment to a social media strategy and what they want to achieve – their objectives short term and medium term, and longer term

  • Development of a social media team – with a key focus on including customer service skill
  • Recommendations on how social media fits within an existing marketing budget
  • The business processes to put in place to manage the plan, together with adjustments to PR messaging and tone of voic
  • Any additional guidelines for staff, and executive teams on managing the pla
  • Tools and reports (such as brand reputation reports) to manage and track activity and streamline the resource require
  • The resource required to implement the strategy together with recommendations on whether to manage the activity in-house or outsource – with budgets
  • Timelines for implementation

Beyond that its generally up to you as to where you want to take the programme – we’re there to tap into, build on the success of your programme, and inject more creative ideas when you need it. Having said that – we also provide training and management of programmes.

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